MySql (what i know as of Today)

15 Jul

1) Downloaded and installed mySql on my Local Machine.

Host: Localhost
Username: ODBC
Password:  nothing

2) Installed MySqlQuery Browser, MySqlAdministrator from Mysql Website

3) Connected to MySql Server Using the Below Parameters

i) use the Command prompt and goto  c:/Program files/mysql/mysqlserver 5.4/bin/mysql.exe
ii) To Connect to a Database   “Use Databasename”  ex: Use Text;
iii) To see a list of tables in mySql just type  “SHOW TABLES;”
iv) To See Records in a table type “Select * from test;” will display all records.
v)for help with the mysql  type “help” and press enter at the mysql prompt

General SQL Topic

RE: What is the difference between view and materializ…

view – store the SQL statement in the database and let you use it as a table. Everytime you access the view the SQL statement executes.

materialized view – stores the results of the SQL in table form in the database. SQL statement only executes once and after that everytime you run the query the stored result set is used. Pros include quick query results.

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