Technical Highlights
(Experience Summary)

  • Over 6 years experience of Database Administration, design, development, maintenance and production support of relational databases, business applications, new server setup, MySql Server installation, upgrade, migration.
  • Have successfully managed high availability of production systems for Corporate Sectors and Individual Organizations as MySql DBA.
  • Strong MySql Skills and also significant general system administration skills on UNIX/Linux /Centos environment. Proficient writing shell scripts as well as knowledge in general systems administration tasks.
  • Writing Scripts in Perl & Python for Batch Jobs

Areas of Expertise

  • Strong team builder with excellent analytical and communication skills with
    capability to handle new technologies.
  • Used Python & Perl Scripts for DATABASE INTERACTIONS.
  • Good documentation skills with the ability to meet project deadlines and has the ability to work in a cross functional environment.
  • Experienced in designing, modeling, developing and supporting database management systems (DBMS).
  • Implementing and maintaining MYSQL on Redhat, Fedora Linux.
  • Extensive on  MSsql server and Oracle, Sql Server databases
  • Experience includes Database Design, Analysis and Development with MySQL
  • Well versed with complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process which includes
  • Designing, Developing, Testing and Implementation.
  • Experienced  in multi-tier architecture Development
  • Proficient in developing and maintaining of functions, procedures, triggers, tables, indexes using MYSQL database programming language.
  • Expertise in converting all databases from MyISAM format to Innodb storage engine to improve referential integrity as well as to increase performance.
  • Good knowledge in import, export, snapshot, optimization using analyze and explain plan.
  • Experience in upgrading MYSQL from 5.1 to 5.5 and it’s patches.

Work History

Database Administrator

Coderyte Inc.

Duration: Dec 2009 – Till Date

Sr. MySQL DBA Consultant

Hirodex Inc., San Jose, CA

Duration:  Jan 2009 – Dec 2009.

  • Hirodex is a Product based website connecting all consulting companies together at one place acting as a Resource Portal for Recruiting companies,  Companies are able to search for employees in another company for their requisitions and contact them immediately if appropriate, this system will effectively  search for employee matches for a given requisition and save the info in employee cards.
  • Business Logic for this product is done in Stored Procedures using MySql and front end using Php.


  • Installed and configured MySQL on Linux and Windows environments.
  • Managing/Troubleshooting MySQL 5.0.22 and 5.1.24 in production and developer environments on both Linux (Suse 10.1, Red Hat CentOS 5.2) and Mac OS X.
  • Performed installation, new databases design, configuration, backup, recovery, security, upgrade and schema changes, tuning and data integrity.
  • Increased database performance by utilizing MySQL config changes, multiple instances and by upgrading hardware.
  • Used Python for Mysql for some Database Applications
  • Assisted with sizing, query optimization, buffer tuning, backup and recovery, installations, upgrades and security including other administration functions as part of profiling plan.
  • Ensured production data being replicated into data warehouse without any data anomalies from the processing databases.
  • Worked with the engineering team to implement new design systems of databases used by the company.
  • Effectively configured MySQL Replication as part of HA solution.
  • Designed databases for referential integrity and involved in logical design plan.
  • Performance Tuning on a daily basis for preventing issues and providing capacity planning using MySQL Enterprise Monitor.
  • Developed stored procedures, triggers in MySQL for lowering traffic between servers & clients.
  • Ability to carry out security tasks at network level such as block/unblock TCP/IP ports through firewall on both Linux and windows and block/unblock remote access to MySQL server.
  • Upgraded old instances from MySQL 4.0.24 to 4.1.16.
  • Proficiency in Unix/Linux shell commands.
  • Created and deleted users, groups and set up restrictive permissions, configuration of the sudo files etc.
  • Configuring/Installing/Troubleshooting Apache/Tomcat and PHP.
  • Created data extracts as part of data analysis and exchanged with internal staff.
  • Performed MySQL Replication setup and administration on Master-Slave and Master-Master.
  • Performed database migration from Oracle 10g to MySQL.
  • Documented all servers and databases.

Environment: Oracle 10g, MySQL 4.0.24, MySQL 4.1.16, MySQL Query Browser, phpmyadmin, C++, Sun xVM Clusters, Java 1.4.0, JSP, PERL, UNIX, Windows/NT, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader

Lead MySQL DBA Consultant

AmeriSource Bergen Corporation, Orange County, CA

Duration: Jan 2006 –Nov 2008

A Leading Pharmaceutical Company Maintaining a Large Customer base with a huge list of drug information maintaining different products at one place, using MySql as the Primary Datasource to store information. MySql played a vital role in storing and managing Data and presenting it effectively with blazing speed.

  • Responsibilities include monitoring daily, weekly and monthly system maintenance tasks such as database backup, replication verification, database integrity verification and indexing updates.
  • Evaluated and deployed Content Management System using MySQL, Apache Web Server.
  • Developed and tuned the stored procedure , triggers,  user defined functions and queries.
  • Implement Log Shipping in SQL Server 2000 from primary server to Standby server.
  • Installing and configuring SQL Reporting Services 2005 on Windows Server 2003 EE   environment.
  • Responsibilities include Upgrading for two applications from MS SQL Server 2000 to MS SQL Server 2005.
  • Creating and Maintaining Database Maintenance Plans.
  • Responsibilities include advising in Planning and designing the Logical and physical Data Modeling.
  • Help the Development team to write and tuned Stored Procedures, Triggers, UDF, Queries.
  • Extensively involved in documenting upgrading procedures and project plans from MS SQL Server 2000 to MS SQL Server 2005.
  • Performed Structural changes to Database like creating tables, adding columns  according to  business requirement.
  • Monitored growth of data and managed space allocation accordingly.
  • Created and Scheduled DTS packages to transform data from Oracle 8.0, DB 2 etc.
  • Writing and tuning stored procedures, triggers, queries.
  • Experienced with PHP environment in different CMS systems like Joomla, CakePHP.
  • Use Full Text Search Service for search operation in journal database.
  • Installing applications and establish the connectivity with the database.
  • Performance Monitoring with Performance monitor and NETIQ Appmanager.
  • Writing scripts to Create Jobs for Backup & Restore Plans.
  • Work in 24/7 production support.

Environment: MS SQL Server  2005/2000, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2005, Windows Server 2003 EE, Visual Studio.Net  2003, Compaq Proliant 8000/6500,IBM Fast T 700 Storage Area Network (SAN).

Database Administrator

SRI Systems Inc NJ – Jan 1998 to Dec 2005

Client: AltusCorp Learning Los Gatos (May 2004- Dec 2005)


  • Installed, security, and maintenance of Linux based systems including Apache and MySQL 5.0.22 configuration.
  • Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of Windows operating systems.
  • MySQL database administration on a large scale MySQL installation
  • Experience with MySQL on both Linux and Windows.
  • Converted databases from MyISAM format to Innodb storage engine for databases that needed greater referential integrity.
  • Automated Data Import Script using shell scripting, PHP, MySQL and regular expressions.
  • MySQL database backup and recovery strategies and Replication and synchronization.
  • Created, tested, and maintained PHP scripts, MySQL programming, forms, reports, triggers and procedures for the Data Warehouse.
  • Created database application using PHP and Oracle as the database to monitor customer profiles and complaints.
  • Involved in trouble shooting and fine-tuning of databases for its performance and concurrency.
  • Troubleshooted performance problems over phone and via email.
  • MySQL processes, security management and queries optimization.
  • Implemented stored procedures processing ETL for reporting purposes.
  • Recovering the databases from backup in disasters.
  • MySQL processes and queries optimization. Exported and Imported database 10g objects from development to production.
  • Migrated Oracle 9i databases to MySQL using the MySQL Migration Toolkit.
  • Performed query analysis for slow and problematic queries.
  • Analyzed code to improve query   optimization and to verify that tables are using indexes properly.
  • Performed PHP/MySQL coding on Web applications that are driven by MySQL database.

Environment: MySQL 5.1, Oracle 9i, Replication, MySQL Migration toolkit, PHP, Java, JBBC, Query Browser, PHP, Linux

MySql Developer

Client: SmartReg Intl, Palo Alto (June 2000 – May 2004 )

  • Created primary database storage structures, i.e. table spaces, database objects, users and roles.
  • Assisted with sizing, tuning, backup and recovery, installations, upgrades and security including other administration functions.
  • Implemented procedures for replication using distributed database technologies.
  • Monitored sessions, performance and free space
  • MySQL database backup and recovery strategies and Replication
  • MySQL processes and queries optimization. Exported and Imported database 10g objects from development to production.
  • UNIX shell programming and customizing scripts for automating regular maintenance, batch jobs.
  • Created, tested, and maintained PHP scripts, MySQL programming, forms, reports, triggers and procedures for the Data Warehouse.
  • Performed data analysis and troubleshooting of the Data Warehouse.
  • Performance tuning of MySQL scripts and procedures using different methods.
  • Diagnosed database corruption problems and hanging issues and proposed solutions.

Reference: Available on Request.


  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.
  • Bachelor of Science From Kakatiya University, Warangal, AP, India [1995]
  • Diploma in Information Systems Management from APTECH, India [1997]
  • PGDCA from Institute of Computers and Advanced Training, , India [1998]

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  1. Ceren Guven

    November 23, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    Hi Chava,

    Hope all is well with you. I have been looking for a Sr. MySQL DBA for my client, a technology company in Los Angeles, for over a month now. I have not been able to find a viable candidate locally and decided to expand my search. I wanted to reach out to you and see if you or someone you know might be interested in this great high paying opportunity.

    I can offer referral bonus for the right candidate and am looking forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful day!

    Best regards,

    Ceren Guven –
    Technical Recruiter
    SMCI – Software Management Consultants, Inc.
    500 North Brand Blvd., Suite 1090
    Glendale, CA 91203

    (tel) 818.240.3177 x235
    (fax) 818.240.7189
    (cell) 310.435.4884


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