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Fast Installation of Percona RPM

Often we find it difficult to Install MySql RPM Files One by One which takes a lot of time and Lookups for each command,   here’s the Easiest way to Remove Existing Percona Packages and Install them in 2 steps.  Ifound it easy and time saving.

Here’s the below command to find Existing Percona Packages on the Server.

# rpm -qa | grep Percona-Server


To Remove Percona Packages without Dependencies

# rpm -qa | grep Percona | xargs rpm –nodeps -ev

use this for removing MySql packages

 rpm -qa | grep -i MySql | xargs rpm –nodeps -ev


To Install all RPM files with Dependencies use the below command. (Note: Please cd the directory where percona Packages are Installed and then run the Command from the Shell Script)

rpm -ivh *.*


Hope This Helps..


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Posted by on September 10, 2012 in Database Administration


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